Nokia is known to serve communications service providers, government, large enterprises and consumers with the Industry’s most complete, end-to-end portfolio of products, services and licensing. From the enabling infrastructure for 5G and internet of things, to emerging applications in virtual reality and digital health. Nokia is shaping for the future of technology to transform the human experience. They have created the technology that connects the world with the following:

  • Internet of things
  • Ultra-broadband
  • Cloud
  • IP interconnectivity
  • Digital health
  • Virtual reality
  • Innovation ecosystem
  • Excellent Services

Nokia has been a global leader in creating the technologies at the heart of our connected world. They are a true global company has they have 160 nationalities working in more than 100 countries.


Nokia Networks core product is IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). This product is high-performing core controller for LTE network providing VolTE, VoWiFi and multimedia services for any multimedia companies. The CSCF (Call Session Control Function) is a collection of functional capabilities that play an essential role in the IMS core network. The CSCF is responsible for the signaling controlling the communication of IMS User Equipment (UE) with IMS enhanced services across different network accesses and domains. The CSCF controls the session establishment and teardown, as well as user authentication, network security and QoS (Quality of Service).
Nokia System Integration Services (SIT) works closely with operators and vertical domains to integrate the latest products and solutions, offering everything from designing network architecture to integration, customization, configuration and migration services for the latest technologies. Post implementation, our extensive customer training modules and customized technical support services help you get the most from your implementation.
We have extensive experience and references across the globe integrating Nokia products and third party elements in a multivendor environment. Our consulting led approach places a strong emphasis on translating real customer needs into solutions. Our customization capabilities ensure a tailor-made fit for transforming or augmenting existing networks with minimal disruption.
Our capabilities extend beyond the scope of the traditional telecom domain. We create value for industry verticals through a combination of business domain expertise, technical expertise for domain specific subsystems, and systems engineering capabilities for complex multi-dimensional projects.
We have more than 100 partnerships across different domains to address various operator needs efficiently, rapidly and reliably.
Our Systems Integration practice is TL9000 certified – a testament to the strong focus on quality, efficiency and mature, robust delivery processes and uses the latest network innovations to help you realize your network aspirations for the Cloud and the Internet of things. Our Global Centers of Expertise for Cloud, Core, Subscriber Data Management and Vertical solutions provide the knowledge, skills and capabilities to address the most complex integration scenarios. Using the right mixture of local experts and remote Global Services Delivery Center capabilities, we have the scale and reach to handle projects of all sizes, all over the world.
Currently our team is are working on CR (Change Requests) and minor small features. The CR/Features belong to CSCF (Call session Control Function) and One-NDS (DB). Both are products of Nokia, which are bought by Verizon.


Our team goes through the CR (Change Requests) Feature document and come up with schedule and tractability matrix. Based on the schedule, our manager announces the Delivery date to customer. Our delivery usually involves MOP (Method of Procedure) and ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure). MOP defines the steps to do the configuration change on CSCF/ONE-NDS required for the CR/feature. ATP includes the Test Cases which was executed in order to verify the CR/Feature. The delivery cycle involves, creation (MOP and ATP), testing MOP and ATP), Quality Assurance (Review by quality team) and Final delivery to customer.
Once the CR/Feature is delivered, we may be asked to visit customer lab to install the MOP and verify the ATP.
Once the ATP is verified customer lab, it is installed in Verizon production Network.
Other than CR/Features, we are also involved in Regression testing. This involves upgrading of CSCF nodes to new release software and verify all the CRs which were delivered until now.