Content & Collaboration

As per many industry leaders, contextual collaboration is how people naturally work. Teams are generally collaborating around content – whether that be a document, image or video. Simarn offers a set of services to enable customers to embrace contextual collaboration on the cloud.
When you adopt a suite solution with comprehensive productivity and collaboration tools, your employees will have everything they need. They will be able to experience how easily the solutions work together, enabling seamless collaboration across departments. With Microsoft Office 365, you and your employees can feel confident in a suite that contains some of the best tools on the market, like SharePoint—ranked as a leader in enterprise content management and horizontal portals by Gartner in 2015.

Five key reasons to move to a collaboration suite for your productivity needs.

1. Save time and increase productivity
The ability to quickly access information and communicate seamlessly from anywhere using any document or tool enables teams to work faster and smarter. With employees and departments working across different floors and offices (or even across the world), sharing ideas and staying in sync becomes simpler with a productivity suite

2. Lower costs and reduce complexity
Forrester Research revealed that, when switching to an all-encompassing platform, organizations can see total benefits of $8.8 million. On average, total costs only reach $3.2 million over three years, resulting in a net present value (NPV) of $5.6 million.

3. Ensure end-to-end security and compliance
Average consolidated total cost of a data breach in 2015 was $3.8 million—a 23% increase from 2013.Using a suite of collaboration tools, You’ll know where your organization’s data is stored, who has access to it, and what methods of security and compliance are protecting it, Microsoft Office 365’s platform’s built-in safeguard and privacy features are available across devices, so that businesses don’t have to worry when it comes to security.

4. Scale at your own pace
With a suite of tools available to implement, you decide whether to migrate employees over in groups or by program. For example, as many or as few teams as needed can start a video conference or online meeting using Skype for Business, while collaborating on files using OneDrive for Business. The ability to implement a steady rollout enables your team to work at their own pace, allows you to save costs, and increases productivity by helping your business adapt to new streamlined solutions over time. Additionally, FastTrack from Microsoft provides customers with hands-on support to drive deployment and adoption at their own speed.

5. Control the back end
IT’s biggest question often remains: This sounds great, but can I manage this transition and maintain this platform with my existing resources? The answer is, yes. With automatic updates and ease of use, IT sees added time-savings when working with just one vendor for migration. With Microsoft Office 365 as your suite of choice, you also get a team of experts to assist you at each step in the process.

“Using an all-encompassing collaboration suite saves time, money, and sanity”