Microsoft Data & Analytics

Advanced Analytics Services

Simarn can develop the right analytics solution for your business, delivering the services you need, on-demand. Whether you need an end-to-end data solution, or want to focus on a particular business analytics challenge, we can help.

Our Custom Analytics Service takes the effort out of integrating and preparing data from all your sources. It helps you create insights and products that will help you grow revenues, innovate, make your customers happier and improve your operations – whether you’re in IT, Marketing, or Operations.

Choose from these services to build the solution that’s right for your needs:

Analytics Consulting

  • Data assessment
  • Data strategy and roadmap development
  • Analytics, advanced analytics, and data product use cases definition
  • Platform architecture development
  • Key technologies selection
  • Data governance planning


  • Detailed solution design
  • Solution components installation and configuration
  • Data source integration into Data Hub (ETL)
  • Use case verification, and solution deployment

Manage and Enhance

  • 24/7 solution maintenance
  • Analytics engineering/business days, including:
  • Analytics help desk
  • Data and analytics moves/adds/changes

This fully-managed, end-to-end service brings your multi-source, multi-format data together in the cloud. Then Simarn helps with advanced analytics and visualizations to ensure business users and data scientists alike get what they need from the data.

Access to ALL Your Data

No more data silos. Just a single platform with an integrated data repository that includes sandboxes for data scientists, self-service analytics for business users and data services for embedding into your applications.

Fastest Time to Value

Expert teams, an agile approach, support for the industry’s most available visualization tools and a focus on outcomes puts real results in the hands of users in weeks, not months.

Lowest Costs

Use of modular design, automation, cloud, and open source technologies coupled with working closely with our customers results in the lowest possible costs and ongoing enhancements.